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About us

The Medicover company group is the leading private healthcare provider in Central and Eastern Europe. We have been present in the Hungarian private healthcare market since 1998 and currently more than 400,000 clients benefit from our high-quality healthcare services that are available nationwide.

We offer first-class specialist care in 40 specialties at our clinics across the country, be it complex investigations of complaints, general health assessments, laboratory and diagnostic tests, surgeries, inpatient care, screening, or counselling.

Our service points

You can use our health services both through company insurance and on a case-by-case basis.

Medicover provides its services in Budapest at its Eiffel and Alkotás Point Clincs, as well as at Medicover Hospital and Clinic at Vision Towers and two Advanced Diagnostic Centres.

In the countryside, we welcome our clients in Debrecen, Győr, Miskolc, Paks, Pécs, Szeged, Székesfehérvár, Tatabánya, and Veszprém at our own clinics, as well as in hundreds of health centres across the country.

Our team of nearly 500 highly qualified specialists and the medical staff working with them perform hundreds of thousands of examinations every year.

Medicover Aesthetica

With Medicover’s more than two decades of experience in the country and its international background, we have opened our Aesthetic Clinic in an exclusive environment at Medicover Eiffel Clinic. Our experienced professionals offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments and services to our clients.

Our aesthetic treatments include volumizing, deep hydrating treatments such as hyaluronic acid lip filling, deep hydration, and volumizing and facial sculpting with hyaluronic acid. We also offer wrinkle treatment with injection and injection for excessive sweating, as well as fine thread contouring.

Our laser treatments offer solutions for pigmentation and vascular disorders, as well as other dermatological problems. Our laser aesthetic services also include laser rejuvenation treatments, CoolPeel peeling, and laser hair removal and treatment of scarring using DEKA SmartXide CO2 and Cynosure Elite iQ lasers.

For a modern and reliable aesthetic treatment at an affordable price, in an exclusive environment with highly qualified, multilingual professionals and state-of-the-art medical equipment, please contact the call centre of Medicover Aesthetica to make an appointment.

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Why Medicover Aesthetica?
  • High quality aesthetic treatments with a reliable medical background
  • Full range of aesthetic treatments with the world’s leading laser manufacturers’ technologies
  • Laser treatment of dermatological lesions by a dermatologist
  • Consultation with specialists in several fields for optimal results
  • Filler treatments by a plastic surgeon using the best possible active ingredients
  • Personalized skin care advice with our pharmacy‘s professional dermocosmetics