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Laser treatments

Laser hair removal

Hair removal is performed using the Elite iQ laser from laser manufacturer Cynosure Lasers, whose light is applied to the hair follicle: the laser light absorbed by the pigment in the hair fiber is converted into heat, which damages the matrix cells that are key to hair growth.

Skin rejuvenation treatment with CO2 laser

DOT therapy laser skin rejuvenation, which is performed by DEKA SmartXide Punto CO2 laser that combines the effectiveness of traditional carbon dioxide lasers with fractional laser emissions, delivers powerful results with minimal damage and without the usual harsh side effects.

Skin rejuvenation treatment with iQ laser

The Cynosure Elite iQ Nd:YAG laser skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment.

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CoolPeel laser skin rejuvenation

CoolPeel laser peeling with the special DEKA SmartXide Punto CO2 laser gives the skin a healthy look and youthful appearance.

Treatment of hyperpigmentation with CO2 laser

To effectively treat different pigmented lesions, DEKA has developed special systems for different wavelengths and pulse durations that can be used according to the specific lesion; with these, we can selectively target and destroy melanin in pigmented areas.

Treatment of hyperpigmentation with iQ laser

The treatment is carried out using an alexandrite laser with a short pulse of 0.5 msec. During the treatment, a pencil-like handpiece is used to apply short pulses of light in a patch-like pattern to the skin, treating only the lesion.

Laser treatment of vascular lesions

The treatment is carried out with a Cynosure Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) laser. The treatment uses a pencil-shaped handpiece to deliver short pulses of light in patches to the skin, and then treats adjacent areas.

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Laser treatment of nail fungus

In our clinic, nail fungus is treated with the Cynosure Elite iQ Nd:YAG laser: the laser delivers short, spot-like pulses of light to the nail plates, causing the laser light to suddenly heat the nail bed and nail plate, killing the mature fungus and spores.

Laser treatment of scarring

By regulating the depth of the processes, the DEKA SmartXide Punto CO2 laser source helps reduce visible atrophy, smoothing the edges of scars and stimulating the production of new collagen, not only in the scar area but also over the entire treated skin surface. The non-ablative Cynosure Elite iQ with Nd:YAG laser source offers a variety of treatment options.

Laser treatment of dermatological problems

Laser surgery has become an effective and indispensable tool in dermatology. The ability to perform precise and delicate ablation broadens the scope of ablative lasers in dermatology.

Aesthetic, filler treatments

Volumizing, deep hydrating treatments

As we age, the collagen network that keeps the skin taut and fills it, and the underlying fat cushions, steadily shrink in volume. By injecting volumizing fillers deep into the skin, these irregularities are eliminated, and wrinkles are smoothed. The results are extremely long-lasting due to an increase in secondary, reactive collagen production, and the skin’s texture is improved in the long term.

Areas of application of volumizing treatments:

  • around the tear ducts (under-eye circles, sunken eyes)
  • cheekbone (zygomatic bone) elevation
  • correction of volume deficiency of the midface and temporal region
  • shaping of the jaw
  • chin augmentation
  • shaping of the nose

Fine thread contour therapy

FTC and COG contouring is a nonsurgical procedure to rejuvenate, lift and contour the skin. No serious medical examination is required prior to the treatment, as the absorbable, antimicrobial threads used in the procedure do not cause an allergic reaction in the body. The biofilaments are made of biocompatible PDO or PLO, which are safe surgical sutures that have been used since the 1980s. The fibers are inserted into the SMAS layer of the skin and remain in the skin for about half a year before being completely absorbed. A network of collagen fibers is formed at the site of the fibers, which lifts and tightens the tissue. The effects of the treatment may last for 12 to 24 months.

Wrinkle treatment with injection

The active ingredient blocks the transmission of nerve and muscle signals, preventing the muscles from contracting. Its effect is temporary and can therefore be repeated indefinitely. When injected into the mimic muscles, it can provide long-lasting results for up to six months. Correctly administered, the treatment does not freeze the face, so it retains its natural appearance.

Injection for excessive sweating

Sweating profusely at an average temperature is called excessive sweating. If there is no underlying hormonal disease, the problem can be solved by injections. The substance used blocks the transmission of stimuli between the sweat glands and the nerve endings.