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40% discount on selected laser treatments
40% discount on selected laser treatments
Removal of skin pigmentation with iQ laser treatment (cheeks, moustache, neck, chin, limbs)

Skin pigmentation is a common cosmetic disorder among women. Pigment spots appearing on the face are dark or light-colored uneven patches of skin of varying sizes, which are influenced by a number of external and internal factors. Get rid of troublesome skin pigmentation once and for all at Medicover Aesthetica!

Who is the treatment recommended for?

iQ laser pigment spot removal is recommended for people who have pigment spots due to increased UV exposure, medications, hormonal problems, or other causes.

For what purposes can the treatment be used?
  • Freckles
  • Liver spots
  • Pigment spots left after excessive sun exposure
Areas of application

Cheeks, moustache, neck, chin, limbs.

Preparation for the treatment

Avoiding direct sunlight and intensive use of sunscreen is recommended for 14 days before treatment. At the consultation preceeding the initial treatment, a diagnostic photo is taken with Visia and the patient’s suitability for treatment, as well as the expected number of treatment are determined.

The treatment

The removal of skin pigmentation is performed with a 0.5 msec short pulse of the Alexandrite laser. During the treatment, short pulses of light are applied to the skin in a series of spots using a pencil-shaped handpiece, treating only the lesion. Cold air cooling is used to prevent skin burns. The procedure may cause slight discomfort.

bőrfelületi pigmentáció, szeplő
iQ laser skin pigmentation removal for a glowing complexion
Ability to work, home care

The treatment does not affect daily lifestyle but avoiding the sun and using sunscreen intensively is recommended for 14 days. The treated area will temporarily darken, which can be easily hidden with concealer, and will fade within a week or two.

Number of treatments

Improvement can be seen after the first session but repeat treatments may be needed after 4-6 weeks to achieve the desired effect.

Price of the treatment


The treatment is performed by
The treatment is carried out by our dermatologist.