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Musculoskeletal collagen therapy (MD collagen therapy)

Medical collagen is an injectable therapy for the treatment of joint and muscle pain. Collagen is used to aid regeneration in case of joint pains, injuries and muscle pains resulting from cartilage wear, injury, or inflammation.

It is a well-tolerated therapy used as a course of treatment that is safe for use in patients for whom traditional painkillers and steroids are not recommended (e.g. diabetes, taking blood thinners). The main active ingredient in the preparations is collagen, which plays an important role in building ligaments and joints, and thereby stabilizing the joint.

Musculoskeletal collagen therapy can be well combined with other therapies such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, physical therapy, or laser therapy. Your doctor will be able to decide whether it is appropriate to combine the treatments in your case.

Collagen therapy helps the regeneration of damaged tissue

The benefits of collagen injection:

  • Well tolerated, safe treatment
  • It helps the regeneration of damaged tissue, thus eliminating the cause of pain
  • It can also be used in patients taking blood thinners and diabetics
  • It involves minimal intervention (superficial injection with a thin, small needle)
  • Can also be used by athletes and its ingredients are not on the list of prohibited substances by WADA
Who is the treatment recommended for?
  • For sports injuries
    During sports, ligament injuries, tendon or muscle strains and tears often occur following overuse or sudden movements. The resulting pain can trigger processes that in themselves inhibit the recovery of the injury or micro-injury: reflex muscle contraction leads to a loss of blood and oxygen supply to the damaged tissue, which are essential for regeneration. The collagen delivered specifically to the site of injury helps to promote rapid healing by stimulating connective tissue cells to produce their own collagen, thus supporting the regeneration processes.
  • For long-standing problems
    Many people avoid using medicines because of their side effects, while others may not be recommended certain medicines by their doctor because of other pre-existing conditions (e.g. circulatory problems, diabetes, liver and kidney problems). Musculoskeletal collagen therapy may also be a solution in their case, as it contains natural substances.
  • For age-related problems
    Joint problems become more common as people age, but it is often difficult to treat older people with medication because of other existing conditions such as circulatory problems, diabetes, deteriorating liver and kidney function. Collagen injection can also be used safely in these cases.
Kollagénterápia kezelési területek
Areas of application
Areas of application
  • Neck, shoulders
    • Acute conditions: pain caused by draughts or poor posture, sports injuries, bursitis, tendonitis, ligament and muscle injuries
    • Chronic conditions: wear, “frozen shoulder”, rotator cuff syndrome, rehabilitation, contracture
  • Elbows
    • Acute conditions: bursitis, sports injury
    • Chronic conditions: tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, arthritis
  • Wrists, finger joints
    • Acute conditions: tendonitis, injury, sports injury
    • Chronic conditions: joint wear
  • Back, waist
    • Acute conditions: lumbago, sciatica, lower back pain
    • Chronic conditions: wear of vertebrae, lower back pain, post-operative rehabilitation
  • Hips
    • Acute conditions: bursitis, sports injuries
    • Chronic conditions: joint wear, rehabilitation, contracture
  • Knees
    • Acute conditions: sports injury, partial ligament tear, bursitis
    • Chronic conditions: joint wear, rehabilitation, contracture
  • Calves, Achilles tendons
    • Acute conditions: sports injury, muscle strain, tendonitis
    • Chronic conditions: chronic Achilles tendinitis
  • Ankles, heels, soles
    • Acute conditions: sports injury, overuse, tendonitis
    • Chronic conditions: spur, tunnel syndromes
Preparation for the treatment

Musculoskeletal collagen therapy is an injectable treatment. Injections can only be given by a doctor. After a thorough examination, they will always decide whether collagen injections are appropriate for you, which products are recommended specifically for your problem, and whether other complementary treatments are needed.

The treatment cannot be performed in the following cases

No absolute contraindications are known so far, but increased caution is necessary in the following cases:

  • Active skin processes (e.g. erysipelas)
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Malignant processes
The treatment

The injection is usually given with a very thin and short, so-called “insulin” needle through a series of tiny, superficial punctures, which only causes minimal discomfort. This allows the collagen to be targeted and delivered in large quantities close to the affected area. As there is no need to inject the collagen directly into the joint, there are no risks associated with injections to the joint. The injection, which is given superficially with a thin needle, can also be used for patients taking blood thinners or anticoagulants.

Medical collagen is injected superficially with a thin needle
Number of treatments

Collagen injection therapy is recommended as a course of treatment.

By restoring the physiological anatomy, a given musculoskeletal problem can be treated not only symptomatically, but also fundamentally – however, this requires time. As tissue regeneration is a slow process, a course of treatment usually consists of 4-6 sessions. The frequency and number of treatments is always determined by your doctor depending on the location and extent of the injury, joint wear, or inflammation, as well as the severity of your symptoms.

Ability to work, home care
  • Mild temporary redness and numbness at the puncture site
  • Haematoma may occur as a complication of the puncture
  • The day after the treatment, there may be a temporary worsening of the condition and a headache may occur, which can be prevented by drinking plenty of fluids after the treatments
Price of the treatment

Kezelés 1 ampulla beadásával

Plusz ampullánként (általában 1 testtájék kezeléséhez 2 ampulla szükséges)

The treatment is performed by
Acupuncturist and neural therapist