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Deep hydration - Redensity 1 and RHA 1 (face, mouth, neck, décolleté, backs of the hands)

If you are looking for a rejuvenating treatment with a natural effect, look no further, because FillMed’s BioNutriLift facial treatment is highly effective in improving the quality and texture of the skin, in the short or even long term!

The treatment is based on Redensity 1 and RHA 1. They contain more than 50 ingredients that contribute to the health of the skin. Among others, they contain several vitamins, hyaluronic acids, coenzymes, and antioxidants. This cocktail ingests nutrients to the skin from the inside, at the cellular level, to keep cells young and the skin healthy. The treatment smooths fine lines and visibly improves the quality of the skin.

For deep hydration, Fine Lines can also be used, a filler containing three types of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Fine Lines lifts the skin, adding volume and density, while stimulating collagen production. The BioNutriLift treatment results in hydrated, nourished, and firm skin.

As a result of deep hydration, wrinkles on both sides of the face are smoothed out
Who is the treatment recommended for?

The deep hydration treatment is recommended for all skin types and ages, for both men and women. The BioNutriLift procedure can be used as a preventive treatment or to treat existing wrinkles.

For what purposes can the treatment be used?
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Flabby skin
  • Sagging skin
Areas of application

Deep hydration can be applied to any area of the skin where treatment is required: face, mouth, neck, décolleté, backs of the hands, etc.

The deep hydration treatment is the perfect choice for smoothing wrinkles on both sides of the face, rejuvenating the skin, and improving its elasticity.

Preparation for the treatment

The treatment requires no preparation.

The treatment

Treatment can only be carried out by a doctor. The procedure involves mild pain, which is minimized by the use of a local anesthetic cream.

We take diagnostic photos with Visia. After cleansing the face, the doctor applies a lidocaine anesthetic cream to the area to be treated, and wipes it off after it has taken effect. The doctor then makes a tiny needle puncture and, if Fine Lines filler is used, first injects that under the skin using a cannula, and then the Redensity 1 and RHA 1 liquids. At the end of the treatment, the doctor applies a skin soothing cream and/or sunscreen.

The results of the treatment are immediate, but become more visible as the days go by, resulting in healthy, glowing skin and a natural appearance.

Ability to work, home care

The treated area can be iced to reduce any redness, after which you can immediately return to your daily routine.

Number of treatments

The BioNutriLift treatment should be used as a course of treatment, but after just one session, the skin quality will visibly improve.

Repeat treatments are recommended three months after the first treatment to ensure the right results. The Fine Lines filler is injected only the first two times, after which only the Redensity 1 and RHA 1 liquids are injected under the skin. According to the revitalization protocol, the third treatment is scheduled one month after the second treatment, followed by three additional Redensity 1 and RHA 1 treatments every two weeks.

The treatment plan will be tailored by the doctor to the individual’s skin condition.

Price of the treatment


198 000 Ft*

*1 régió.

The treatment is performed by
Plastic and burn surgeon specialist