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Wrinkle treatment with injection

The amount of collagen and elastic fibers gradually decreases from our mid-twenties onwards, causing our skin to lose its elasticity little by little. As a result, the wrinkles that develop because of mimic muscle movements (e.g. frowning, grimacing) become more pronounced.

Injection with a special substance is a suitable treatment for these wrinkles. The treatment temporarily blocks the movement of the muscles responsible for the wrinkles, as the active ingredient temporarily blocks the muscle activity in the area, smoothing the skin. The muscle function is gradually restored over three to four months, which is how long the treatment lasts.

The effectiveness of the treatment becomes apparent after ten days. After that, the muscle gradually regains function. The dosage of the active ingredient is very precise and personalized. A professionally performed treatment will result in a natural and youthful appearance, the face will not become statuesque and stiff.

The treatment is available from the age of 18.

Wrinkle treatment
Wrinkles are smoothed out as a result of the treatment
Who is the treatment recommended for?

The procedure is ideal for treating wrinkles caused by the functioning of the mimic wrinkles. It is recommended for those who want to prevent the deepening and formation of wrinkles.

For what purposes can the treatment be used?
  • To prevent the formation of deep wrinkles on the upper third part of the face
Areas of application

The upper third part of the face.

Preparation for the treatment

The treatment requires no home preparation.

The treatment

After the face is cleaned, a diagnostic photo is taken with Visia.

The plastic surgeon will draw up a treatment plan and discuss the area to be treated with the patient. The area is first disinfected and then the active ingredient is injected into the treatment points. The process is quick and well tolerated with minimal discomfort.

Wrinkle treatment
The special active ingredient can be administered extremely precisely and tailored to individual needs
When can the treatment not be carried out?

The treatment cannot be performed:

  • during pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • in case of muscle, nerve and autoimmune diseases
  • in the presence of acute inflammatory and respiratory symptoms
  • in case of skin infections (e.g. herpes)
  • in case of hypersensitivity to the active agent
Ability to work, home care

Tiny hemorrhages may form at the needle puncture sites that will disappear after one to two days but can be covered with makeup. Cosmetic facial massage is prohibited for 14 days after treatment.

Number of treatments

The procedure consists of one session. The treatment can be repeated after the effect has worn off (three to four months).

Price of the treatment
The treatment is performed by
Plastic and burn surgeon specialist