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Plastic and Burn Surgeon Specialist

I have been practising plastic surgery for more than ten years. I was fascinated by the aesthetic and reconstructive approach of the profession when I was a medical student at Semmelweis University’s Faculty of Medicine.

I started my profession-specific clinical work as a medic, and as a result of several years of scientific research, I wrote my thesis related to this field of science on the subject of autologous fat grafting.

During the six-year specialist training, I was employed at the Department of Plastic and Burn Surgery of the Medical Centre of Hungarian Defence Forces.

During my professional training, in addition to numerous congresses and conferences, I also gained practical experience abroad in Italy, at the prestigeous Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata di Verona.

I am currently working as a specialist at the Plastic Surgery Profile of the Szent Imre University Teaching Hospital of South Buda Central Hospital.

While exercising my profession, I consider a patient-centred approach to be the cornerstone of my work, in addition to strict adherence to the rules of the profession and the need for continuous improvement.

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